HFC Revolver 4 Inch

Green Gas or Propane
6 rounds DUH!
30 – 75 ft range
250 – 280 fps
$30 – 60

HFC Revolver Chrome 4 inch



We’ll howdy ya’ll, that was one heck of a review!
This here gun really don’t shoot well, and I shot a fella at my local CQB field, he didn’t feel nothin! I was luck enough to even get that shot, but I digress, this gun sure is a lot of fun to show off! And they do call their hits if you get head shots! 😉

Revolver Gas

Here’s a shot of the gun’s private parts, I always use propane, and this thing gets a little extra power. Two seconds of loading gas into this thing can give you like 50 shots! Pretty useful with the hi-cap mags right? 😉 jk

Revolver Barrel


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Airsoft Revolver Shells


Now there’s here shells only hold ONE bb. There is a product that can hold FOUR bb’s per shell, however, every website I’ve checked, it seems to be discontinued.



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