WE M14

50 – 60 rds
~130 – 150 ft
350 – 400 fps
$300 – 400

M14 4

Now it is a pretty unique gun! I’ll give it that! But it comes with a few hassles that we need to cover. And if you watched our video review, the mag loading is a major pain in the booty! Our M14 would sometimes spew out the entire load of gas! It is an experience that requires experience!

Yeah the ending of this review is golden!!!

M14 6

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M14 3a

Now the cons we mentioned about the occasional gas dumping and mag hassle may seem small, but keep in mind this thing costs $300 – $400!!! How can you pay for such an expensive gun, and have such petty problems that, after a day or so of gameplay, really gets annoying! The parts of this gun feel wobbly and cheap, although the bolt feels really, really smooth and great hen you cock it! And the recoil is amazing!

M14 5

Overall, the quality of this gun, relative to the price is not up to par, a few minor adjustments regarding the gas system and magazine loading would easily make this gun a top of the line gun, however we do have to comment on the inconsistency of the projectiles. For our gun, some bb’s were flying straight and others were curving up or down. The groupings weren’t too far apart, but for such a long barrel, we would have expected better!

M14 1

Thanks for reading our review of the WE M14, perhaps in the future WE Tech will have better quality control on their guns, but for now, the M14 is recommended more to those who are willing to take the hassle or those willing to upgrade the gun and make it great!

M14 2

Thanks for reading! And WhatAreYouBuyen?


Magpul PDR C
Magpul PDR C
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