Easy Install HPA Taps for Gas Magazines

hpa taps - 3 small

The CQB Russian HPA Taps for WE are the simple and amazing solution to the new HPA Tapping trend in airsoft. If you want to power your non-polarstar guns with compressed air, you can now easily do it with a simple valve change! Here are some beautiful photos and shots that we took of these beautiful things!

Short description: These HPA taps will allow you to run any gas blow back gun using compressed air! By connecting a compressed air tank to the mag you can achieve more consistent shots and as long as the air tank has air, you can have guaranteed shots.

hpa taps - 1 small


Instructions for Installation from CQB Russian

“1- take off the base of the magazine
2- take the valve off

hpa taps - 4 small

3- put some teflon tape on the HPA adapter

hpa taps - 5 small
4- tight the adapter as much as you can with you Hand
5- use a wrench to tighten a quarter turn

hap taps - 6 small
and don’t forget to check out my youtube channel CQB Russian for more tutorials and tips” – CQB Russian



We will have a video tutorial and video review soon! Keep posted!

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