Easy Install HPA Taps for Gas Magazines

The CQB Russian HPA Taps for WE are the simple and amazing solution to the new HPA Tapping trend in airsoft. If you want to power your non-polarstar guns with compressed air, you can now easily do it with a simple valve change! Here are some beautiful photos and shots that we took of these beautiful things!

Short description: These HPA taps will allow you to run any gas blow back gun using compressed air! By connecting a compressed air tank to the mag you can achieve more consistent shots and as long as the air tank has air, you can have guaranteed shots.

hpa taps - 1 small


Instructions for Installation from CQB Russian

“1- take off the base of the magazine
2- take the valve off

hpa taps - 4 small

3- put some teflon tape on the HPA adapter

hpa taps - 5 small
4- tight the adapter as much as you can with you Hand
5- use a wrench to tighten a quarter turn

hap taps - 6 small
and don’t forget to check out my youtube channel CQB Russian for more tutorials and tips” – CQB Russian



We will have a video tutorial and video review soon! Keep posted!


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